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My daughter, Bri, was instrumental in presenting the idea of a podcast to me earlier this year. I must admit that I barely even knew what a podcast was, let alone actually host one. What little I knew I had learned from her because she is a podcaster. During our initial conversation, she explained that the podcast would be about divorce and its emotional journey. Sadly enough, she experienced my struggle and had felt my pain. I pondered the idea for some time and finally decided that it might be a good thing, but I had some fears and concerns that I needed to conquer.

First, I was skeptical about speaking publicly, although podcasting isn’t exactly public. Just thinking about it nearly paralyzed me. Secondly, who would be interested in listening to stories about such a depressing topic? Does anyone care enough about it to take time out of their busy day to listen?

During the planning process, I made many false starts; sometimes feverishly outlining what the podcast would look like, and then deciding that no one would be interested. When the latter thought crept into my mind, I would stop. But, I slowly began to move forward. With each step that I made toward bringing the Divor-say Podcast to life, I began to see the reality of it coming into view. Then I spoke to my first guest, and then to my second and third guests. As they shared their stories, I realized that our conversations of the brokenness that we shared seemed to bring about peace and healing. I also realized an unexpected result of those conversations. My own personal healing began to take place, and the struggle that I’ve endured became a bit less burdensome.

It is often said that God will make room for your gift. I’m confident that I have finally landed where He meant for me to be. Every day of the week, I wake up focused on the podcast, and how I can continue to present content that will be an inspiration and a blessing to someone.

I’m so glad that you stopped by, and please remember to join us every Wednesday for a new episode of the Divor-say Podcast!